Announcing Issued ID: Minority as Brand

March 11 – April 22, 2016
(additional dates and locations to be announced)

Issued ID Image (1)“Issued ID” references the government-issued identification cards that define an individual by seemingly simple surface traits—age, race, gender, height—but is also a play on words, reflecting the many “issues” brought up by being forced to define a person in glib terms and the complexities of an identity that does not fall into a single check-box.

The Issued ID series began in 2013 as a small exhibition of video works curated by Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen, inspired by the striking similarities in language around being mixed-race and being transgender. In 2014, MacFadyen curated Nigger / Queer / Cunt (a.k.a N/Q/C): an exhibition about three difficult words — a continuation of the series, exploring the usage, history, and weight of three words that have a complex history of usage and reclamation.

In 2016, we will present a third and expanded installment of the series: Issued ID: Minority as Brand. Minority as Brand will discuss the problematic nature of being a minority (race, gender, class) and being in the arts. As a minority, there is an expectation of being “type-cast”, fetishised, and pigeon-holed, and there’s a good chance a qualifier will be added to your talent: woman artist, black performer, queer writer. The minority brand can be a double-edged sword — the fetishization affords more opportunity to be hired or included in a show but usually only as that identity/brand. And what if you are a minority artist who does not create work about your minority-hood?

In addition to a group exhibition, Issued ID: Minority as Brand will present a series of talks, events, and a publication.

Support for Issued ID: Minority as Brand is provided by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program


Be a part of Issued ID

If you are interested in submitting work to the exhibition or participate in any of the events, please contact us through the form below.



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